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Welcome to POC Tech Group. We use advanced technologies to develop proven solutions, then transform them into innovative products to apply in mission critial environments.

From ground to air to maritime, our technologies in RF sensing, radar imaging and signal analysis improve detection and surveillance missions.


Our technologies solve deeply complex and challenging issues to improve remote sensing & radar imaging in order to deliver better solutions for security and surveillance, weather predictions, and traffic monitoring.


Our research scientist are inventors, innovators, and field pioneers. Our mission is to use contract research findings and develop them into solutions that become successful proof-of-concepts.

Design and Development

We're not all about proof-of-concepts and theories. We apply our methodologies and research findings to design and manufacture hardware and software solutions for real-life, mission critical applications.

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Our Research.

RF Sensing

POCtechgroup is dedicated to innovate in technologies for sensing and communications.

Our focus is to develope smart and unique RF system using advanced radio frequency (RF) technology for integrated system sensors, and sensors and signal/image processing for distributed sensor networks.

Research ares include imaging integration, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), nanotechnology, RF sensors and antennas, RF devices and components, prognostics and diagnostics, image understanding, acoustic and magnetic sensing, sensor fusion, and sensor integration.

Radar Imaging

Imaging technology for maritime airborne radar systems to improve ship/small craft classification for maritime surveillance, situational awareness, protection of facilities and ships against hostile maritime traffic and suicide boat's attack.

Research results can also be applied to maritime traffic monitoring applications, port management systems, port security, and remote sensing applications.

A variety of industry applications are possible, such as solutions for automobile, industry automation, medical application, and environmental inspection

Signal Analysis

We explore more efficient ways to extract dispersive scattering features; detect and extract weak signals in noise; form clear radar images; estimate parameters and perform motion compensation; detect and track moving targets in the synthetic aperture radar; and analyze vibration and rotation induced micro-Doppler.

We provide a newly developed time-frequency approach to radar signal and image processing to help solve problems associated with conventional approaches.

Our algorithms help improve the result of radar imaging and signal processing while still keeping our research on the forefront of future trends in time-frequency to analyze micro-Doppler.

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About us.

POC Tech Group has outstanding engineers and software developers performing state-of-the-art technical development. POC Tech Group provides state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and reference material, and will provide the necessary support to complete the proposed work, including computing facilities, security, document preparation, and hardware equipment.

Our Experience

POC Tech Group focuses on research efforts that are deeply complex and challenging. Our goal is to apply developed technology to the commercial marketplace and in major government acquisition programs. We work with industry leading companies in developing and manufacturing many advanced hardware and software for commercialization purpose. Together, we deliver advanced signal generation, and complex system performance measurements.

Our People

We are a group of accomplished scientists, outstanding engineers and cutting-edge software developers who are well-known and respected by their peers and pioneers in their fields.

Our Partners

We work with industry leading companies in developing and manufacturing many advanced hardware and software for commercialization purpose.


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